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Global Human Fulfilment

We all at some points in life experience moments of extreme joy, satisfaction, high achievement, promotion… and also periods when disappointment, sadness, poor performance, lack… make us feel like the weight of the universe is on us. This mixture of good and evil, failure and success, wellness and sickness… all expose the true nature of life and the frailty of humanity.

Truth be told, the best of man is human and the worst of man is also human!

How would we explain the case of a brilliant student who passes the final graduation examination with distinction but fails to make the lowest pass grade in the professional certification examination a few months after? The frailty of humanity! What would be a cogent reason for the best sprint athlete in the history of the world to be second best in his valedictory race? The frailty of humanity!

How do we rationalize the divorce of a couple once the cynosure of all eyes on the ground of irreconcilable differences after numerous years of marriage? The frailty of humanity! What about two lovebirds who could hardly stay a day without seeing each other and spending quality time together; suddenly the bubble bursts and they cannot stand each other . The frailty of humanity!

A brilliant child with the ability to solve some of the greatest challenges faced by humans globally ends up being a village head because of the region of the world the person is born into and the parentage. The frailty of humanity! Even in the most advanced and prosperous nations of the world, we still observe people living in abject poverty despite working so hard. The frailty of humanity!

We can go on and on citing unending instances of cases experienced on a daily basis all over the world. The fact that is glaring in all of these cases is the declaration: ‘The frailty of humanity! ’.

Alas, amidst the ups and downs of life, within every human is a deep sense of longing for a life lived to its fullest. It is from this deep seated hunger and the extent to which it is realized by a person that the concept of Fulfilment is derived. Every one of the approximately 7.6 billion people on earth was born with the potential to fulfil the essence of their existence and live with a sense of fulfilment.

Fulfilment is a feeling of overall sense of satisfaction in life irrespective of the ups and downs life throws at the individual. It is a reward for effectively dominating the limitations ‘the frailty of humanity’ places on all humans.

As a people and values driven thinker, who is passionate about global human fulfilment, I am keen on helping and seeing individuals succeed in Personal Development, Relationship and Overcoming Poverty.

Success in Personal Development, Relationship and Overcoming Poverty is the 3-fold chord for Fulfilment!