You Count!

In “The Fulfilment Manifesto”, we spelt the major success factor for fulfilment as Y-O-U. No one is an accident in the world. Every individual is a special package for the benefit of the human race.

Though not everyone may be on a podium mounted by United Nations or other multinational agencies, the influence of each person if applied in a proper manner could be far-reaching in making a certain circle of humanity have a better living experience. This is true for every person on earth irrespective of tongue or tribe, colour or race…

Everyone is meant to have a sphere of influence. Irrespective of your current position in life, you count and can make a difference. If you are able to discover your potential and understand that you are not where you ought to be, then you can begin to work towards your true position in life where you will give your influence to the right sphere and yield optimum result for the benefit of humanity.

How do you discover how you count?

Bodily, you have a different thumb print from every other person on earth. So this is your unique signature on any document that can never be forged by any other person. Every Y-O-U on earth comprises of a Spirit, Soul and Body. Just as you have a unique bodily signature, you possess unique signatures in the Spirit and Soul also that can be stamped on the world for the overall wellbeing of all humanity.

So how do we realise our Spirit-based or Soul-based signatures? Our bodily signature, the thumb print can be easily seen since our Body is physical but the Spirit and Soul are not. The beauty of creation is in the effective co-existence of the Spirit, Soul and Body trident. The person who is able to understand the proper co-functioning of these parts whether seen or unseen, attains a superior performance in the physical realm.

The ‘thumb print’ of your Spirit and Soul is expressed in the form of your Purpose and Passion. Some individuals may receive their Purpose in life from their Spirit through several avenues. For many however, the very strong desire or deep feeling felt in the Soul leads to the definition of their Purpose. Pursuing one’s positive Passion gives a sense of Purpose which drives real change in the world and a greater feeling of accomplishment for the individual.

Some helpful links to help us optimise our existence and make the most of the Y-O-U in each of us is listed at the end of this write-up. Use them as applicable as we progress in the pursuit of ‘The Fulfilment Manifesto’.

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To your Fulfilment!

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