What is your excuse?

The global population is over 7.6 billion. With so many people on mother earth, how can a lone voice like mine be heard? How do I make it in life with so much competition? I don’t live or come from a developed nation and am disadvantaged since I can’t access the resources required to succeed in the 21st century. I didn’t and can’t attend an Ivy League school because I am not financially well-off. Moreover, I can’t access local or international scholarships.

There are a thousand and one reasons that people could give for not making it in life. Being a success in life requires an understanding of how to discover and apply your talents, how to make money towards financial accomplishment and security, how to maintain good relationships, how to achieve personal development, how to overcome poverty…

My message through this post is simple: Y-O-U can make it big your own way like anyone else did their way.

Jeff Bezos has witnessed exceptional success in life through the application of his genius but you have all you require to succeed also because you are a genius also in your own right as a unique gift to the world. Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most famous people in the world today through his impactful work with Facebook but you are equally endowed to attain fame if you run with those innate and acquired strengths within you.  Larry Page and Sergey Brin gave us a different experience with the optimization of the search engine technology through Google. You have your unique legacy the world still awaits to make it better. Bill Gate’s name rings a bell for his pioneering work with Microsoft and success with the Bill & Mellinda Gates Foundation, co-owned with his wife, Melinda but you can be inspired by their bequest to humanity and follow suit by identifying and delivering your own unique work that will distinguish you from the crowd.

The foundation for achieving all you were created to be and joining the elite class of the greatest people of all time can be found in The Fulfilment Manifesto.

It is essential to overcome poverty, attain financial success and security and maintain adequate relationships in the quest to attain the success in life you deserve.

If you are reading this right now, it is a confirmation that you can belong to the global elite group of the many greatest people of all times, some of whom were mentioned earlier. It means any and indeed all of the excuses you can imagine, including the seemingly most cogent of them can’t stop you.

Yes, with the agency of the internet you can begin your journey to greatness because it lifts you above many if not all of the obstacles that hitherto hindered many.  So how does the internet help you overcome these excuses? Here is a 3-step plan that could take you there:

  1. A home on the internet: involves having a domain name and a hosting account. This is similar to having a physical house where you live as well as a landlord! I strongly recommend hostinger because of the excellent support, useful tools they offer and the uptime efficacy of the platform. You can review an independent comparison of hostinger and another quality hosting company here .
  2. Read my earlier post here .
  3. Implement the advice of Turn Your Paid Job to a Money Machine available here .

Life is more of a marathon than a sprint. It doesn’t matter where you are now and until you reach the finish line, anything is possible if you try by pursuing the fulfiment manifesto!

To your Fulfilment!

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