Everyone Matters

With about 7.6 billion people in the world, it is pretty easy to get lost in the crowd.

The beauty of nature confirms the vital role each of the persons that constitute the global population has to play towards making the world a better place to live in. This is done by helping each other enjoy a higher quality of life that meets every standard for sustainability.

There is no second person that has same thumb print as you. In a similar vein, no other individual on earth has a DNA that matches yours exactly in every way. The uniqueness of each individual endows everyone with a special ability which lies dormant in the person and is recognised by others as a potential.

More often than not, the world stands to applaud those whose potentials have been stirred up and exhibited in one way or the other. In sports, academia, industry … some names ring a bell globally because of their exploits and .impact. Some others are household names at the national level or in their small communities where they have applied their talents for the benefit of all within their sphere of influence. A vast majority however never have the opportunity to discover their hidden ability and so the need for any form of exertion in applying it never arises.

The greatest threats to the application of ‘Potential’ for the benefit of everyone come commonly in the form of PESTLE factors. PESTLE stands for:







All of these can be overcome by adopting the ‘EAT Model’ within the provisions of ‘The Fulfilment Manifesto’ both available in the links shared under this article.

Can we actually imagine and compute the annual worth in any parameter (currency, infrastructure, social harmony…) of the cumulative loss to the world that results from unused human potential across the world?

The ‘Status Quo’ mentality makes the head of a parastatal feel so important that the invaluable contribution of every other person counts only for little or nothing. This is the case often in the corporate world, where it is not uncommon in some organisations to have a few people arrogate to themselves the collective success of everyone. The faulty foundation of this approach is however exposed by the consistently superior performance of establishments in which everyone is recognised for their respective contribution and everyone is acknowledged to matter.

No one lives in a vacuum and the positive or negative activities of everyone directly or indirectly add up to the overall impact on the global community. The ‘Status Quo’ mentality impedes the attainment of a sustainably developed world with higher quality of life for all humans. Everyone matters and the positive contribution of each person’s potential will result in a collective global human output that is of superior quality by every standard.

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