EAT Your Way To Fulfilment

Any living thing that does not eat faces eventual demise. Nutrition is essential to the functioning of every living organism to the extent that even when being fed with an unbalanced diet, the consequences become obvious in a short time in the form of health challenges, weakness and inactivity, defective growth and eventually death.

This article draws attention to the analogy between the importance of nourishment to every creature and the significant difference that exists between humanity that EAT and those that do not EAT. Are you still wondering what EAT means? It is an acronym for




EAT for fulfilment is to humanity what eat for sustained healthy existence is to every living thing.

Let’s digress a little. Have you read ‘The Fulfilment Manifesto’, the concise guide to fulfilment? Please get it here FREE.

We get back on track and thanks for acting to access the Manifesto. Varying routes can be taken to attain several objectives in life due to the diversity of the individual, the peculiarity of their desire, the difference in the pre-requisite and the varying procedures required to reach the goal.

In pursuit of the objective of the fulfilment manifesto, it is my intention to present a credible avenue that will redefine our pursuit for anything and indeed everything required for us to be fulfilled in life. Whether it is a Personal Development need, a Relationship desire and the hunger to Overcome Poverty, to EAT will get us there. It supplies us the nourishment, energy, staying power and agility to reach our goal in the surest, quickest, most convenient and most sustainable way possible that could lead to fulfilment. We can acquire relevant Education on any subject, develop the right Attitude and apply relevant Technology towards the attainment of any objective.

Let’s examine briefly some scenarios that show point to how EATing gets us there.

Scenario 1: A desire for a change in career path.

The need to move from being a professional baker to an Engineer or any other profession may arise after some years of fulfilled practice as a Master Baker. Falling back to the EAT model will help the person start the journey by exploring where he can get the relevant Education which in some way will bestow some of the ethical Attitudes required with the any additional requirements being attained also by deliberate Personal learning exposures. Technology plays its part in facilitating the process, making it easier and more scalable. In the past, setting out to execute this career change would mean a lot of sacrifices and pain that will make only the extremely determined person who has reasonable funding able to attempt it. Today however, with the growth in Technology, thanks a great deal to the agency of the internet, there are numerous online learning platforms that can be used to achieve this at a more affordable price and the possibility of accomplishing everything without quitting the earlier occupation fully until the individual is ready for the new role. Several of these are listed at the end of this article.

Scenario 2: The want to learn a new language for various Internationalisation needs.

Applying a similar approach as in scenario 1, we can access ‘Education’ that bestows the desired new language skill and imbibes the proper ‘Attitude’ through the agency of numerous internet-driven ‘Technology’.

Scenario 3: A dating challenge to be overcome towards Marriage.

The experience of recurrent problematic relationship is not the end of the world. ‘EAT’ can make us turn such problems into a stepping stone to a lasting and rewarding relationship. Education and Attitude can be gotten with the aid of Technology. Useful links that can be used immediately are available at the end of this post.

Scenario 4: Marital Challenge from lack of Understanding of Partner.

This is not an out of the world situation. We could EAT our way into a blissful marriage or partnership again. Education that will confer the proper Attitude through the agency of Technology is readily available. Once in place, a clearer, better understanding suddenly comes and sustainable harmony is restored. Useful links are at the end of the article.

Scenario 5: Struggle to find one’s feet financially

The EAT model can make this desire achieved even from a near zero budget. Do we have any expertise, passion, interest…? Education can be gotten on how to monetize any of these. With the proper Attitude, this can then be turned into a money making apparatus when the ability is shared with the world through the agency of Technology. For example, many platforms exist that can help almost any person earn from ecommerce, writing, digital marketing…

So what will be your excuse for not EATing your way to fulfilment?

I would rather meet you on the Fulfilment side of life my dear friend because that is where real living is.

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To Your Fulfilment!

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