Have you noticed what I have observed with humanity over the years? It seems there is a code in mankind to strive for complete satisfaction in life by exerting more effort in every aspect of life. Any deviance to this gives the impression of a lack of seriousness in attaining the fulfilment every individual desires and deserves.

When we purchase household equipment for our enjoyment, everyone has the freedom to operate it the way we deem best for optimum performance and enjoyment. There is albeit, always a guide that is meant to help us make the most of our equipment. Sometimes, we ignore this manual supplied usually by the manufacturer to the detriment of our enjoyment as the longevity of the equipment may get hampered.

This is akin to humanity and living life to its fullest. We are products of our creator, who in His infinite wisdom has configured us to reach our peak performance and enjoyment in life by living in a certain way. When we achieve this balance in our earthly sojourn, we are enroute the noble life of fulfilment we crave for every human being and which forms the crux of our flagship document, “The Fulfilment Manifesto”.

The pursuit for fulfilment eludes a vast majority because of this faulty approach which contravenes the natural model that we are designed to follow. Tweaking the defective method will certainly turn around our results and retrace our steps to the path of fulfilment.

Cease from struggling to do more and more of everything! Don’t scatter yourself everywhere without leaving a mark. So what is the way forward?

Do Less…! Yes, you read it right. The missing part of the puzzle is to concentrate your effort, ability and yearning on doing less of everything. We cannot become everything to all men and all things. The sure-footed way to maximize our life is to identify our God-given signature, our purpose and pursue it with everything we have within us.

This results in doing less of everything and doing more of only one thing – your purpose! Yes, doing more of our purpose relieves us of the huge burden we place on ourselves through self-imposed or others-imposed activities that fall outside our purpose. What is your purpose?

Together, we can execute “The Fulfilment Manifesto” by sticking together and it is never too late to discover our individual purpose in life. Recognising purpose is not rocket science and it is better recognized late than never.

I trust the message of this post has been passed and look forward to providing help in subsequent posts that will assist us discover and pursue our purpose towards the attainment of fulfilment.

To your Fulfilment!

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