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I chose to start this post in a rather unusual manner through this poser: Do you think it is possible to rise to the board or directorship of a great company and still feel empty and unfulfilled about life?

We are all born naked into the world with all possibilities open to each and every one of us. Anything or rather everything is possible for each of us as long as we aspire and pursue it in a committed fashion. Consequently, several motivations lead the individual to identify and define his line of pursuit in different aspects of life.

This may result in success in career for instance, if all the t’s are crossed and all the i’s dotted within a particular workplace. A success in career as exemplified by this does not necessarily equate automatically to fulfilled living. How do I mean?

It is possible to ‘live another person’s life’ and end up a ‘success’ in your career. How do we monitor and establish if this is the case for any individual? An honest retrospection on life from the ‘high horse’ of that executive position juxtaposed by a balancing introspection will expose the true state of the person.

If someone’s purpose ought to be in the classroom and he finds his way obstinately into real estate for instance, chances are high for fulfilment to be elusive and destiny unfulfilled also. There is a purpose for each of us as individuals. The nature of our upbringing does not help us however, in most cases to discover this early because of the traditional practice of following the established pattern in the respective communities we come from and grow up in.

Somehow, only a few of us are able to discover themselves early in life either through deliberate effort or just by an act of fate. The results speak for themselves in such people\s lives. They go on to achieve huge success in about everything they do.

This article is a call to deep self introspection with the aim of discovering yourself. My friend, if you discover yourself, you will live a more satisfying life that you would enjoy in a new dimension. The good news is that it is not so arduous to achieve as many feel.

You could start attaining it right away if you are bent on it. The key to discovering yourself starts from finding your identity. So, who really are you? 3 quick tips to discovering yourself include:

  1. Understanding who you are.
  2. Knowing what you do well.
  3. Knowing what you like doing and/or are passionate about.

Is it really some rocket science to do any of these? It doesn’t seem so and certainly is not. A honest assessment is however inevitable for the right answers to the questions associated with the afore-listed tips to be arrived at.

These are life changing questions which are not commonly asked and when even asked, are only done rhetorically. The effect of this therefore, is that many of us end up striving to live other people’s lives and end up being second best in most of all we do. You are original and would excel with less effort if you discover yourself and do only the unique biddings that match your originality.

Just so that we feel a sense of belonging, we go to places our friends and siblings go to that add little or no value to us. Just so that we are not termed weak, we decide to study a course not because it is what we are interested in but so that we can prove our strength. We go out of our way to update our wardrobes with the latest arrivals in the world of passion just so that we are not termed obsolete. Just to keep up with the Jones and Joneses, we go see the soccer game because that is what majority of the people are doing.

Your time for real living has come! Drop that fake you and put on the real you. Desist from going with the crowd and unleash your discovered self on the world for optimum result. Majority is not always right; often, in real life, they are wrong.

If you have struggled for most of your life in many things you have done or do, chances are that you have not discovered yourself and have been threading in unfamiliar terrains that are strange to the way you are configured to excel. Imagine a person that should be a lawyer by calling ending up as a student majoring in Mathematics! Where is the match between the art of piecing words together to sway the judge and win a case and the skill of rationalising what balances an equation, solves an inequality or gives a Pythagoras triple?

You can be better than you are doing now if you discover yourself. The value match, purpose discovery and pursuit will help to usher in a new realm in your life and you will be happy forever that you decided to do so. This will enable you to unleash yourself on the world and leave your landmark signature on the indelible sand of time and only Y-O-U can do that.

I strongly recommend the work of Scott Schwefel and his book DISCOVER YOURSELF will help remove any struggle on your path to self discovery, personal development and fulfilment in life. You can follow the linked titles to read sections on know your Personality Style and Sample Discovery Insights Personal Profile as PDF.

To your Fulfilment!

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