About Me

Pedro Chukuka is a people and values driven person. Passionate about helping individuals live purposefully and fulfil destiny, he is a consultant, writer and public speaker. With advanced degrees in Management, Sciences and Engineering backed with diversified career experiences and learning exposures across every continent, he is empowered to fulfil his calling to be an Apostle for Global Human Fulfilment.

In his 4 decades plus on earth, he has experienced virtually every side of life and thus, shares from a pragmatic point of view that makes seemingly complex ideas easy to grasp. Miraculously surviving a fatal road mishap in year 2000 as one of only 2 survivors out of 19, overcoming 8 days of total unconsciousness, memory loss, fractures…in the process, he remains grateful to God he didn’t become history before pursuing his purpose in full.

He believes in lifelong learning as a central tool to personal development and achievement. Confident that each individual on earth has unique assets than can and should be shared to add value to the entire universe, he is motivated to awaken his reading audience to the huge mass of the global populace awaiting the release of their latent potentials. Writing on the subjects of Self Improvement, Personal Growth, Inspiration, Relationship and Overcoming Poverty, he propagates the people and values based living that can make all humanity access the right to fulfilled living irrespective of age, creed, race, location…

His inspiring books are available  hereon Smashwords and at your favourite retailer.