A Man’s Life doesn’t Consist in the Abundance of the Things He Possesses

The title of this post is particularly long. This is deliberate following my last post, “You Count”.

The material possessions or goods owned by an individual have no bearing on a person’s level of fulfilment in life when considered in isolation. Rather, it is the extent to which the person is able to unleash his passion and purpose that gives the highest value in improving his life and humanity eventually resulting in fulfilment.

Some of the material things people labour to acquire include:

Exotic cars

Private Jets




Chieftaincy Titles…

The irony of life is that the more of these things the person possesses, the emptier the feeling and less the sense of accomplishment because the avarice to grab more seems to increase with every conquest. The only true giver of a sense of fulfilment however, is in the donation to humanity.

The quest for material possession in most cases results in unwholesome practices which result in the loss of value to humanity. A vast majority of the under development in many of the developing regions of the world is as a result of deficiencies arising from uncontrolled materialism by certain political office holders. The consequence of this is the destruction of the human dignity in many of the citizens who eventually resort to avoidable societal vices as a way to break even and gain relevance.

Many of the widespread societal ills can be avoided by a transformation in the psyche that materialism enhances satisfaction. It does not and explains why several with such questionably acquired material possessions end up exhibiting a barrage of features common to people far from a fulfilled living.

It is indeed an anomaly for materialism to take precedence over humanity!

The best countries to live in around the world are understandably those in which humanity is appreciated and have a high premium placed on it. Consequently, the living quality in such places is enhanced for everybody and the environment is better taken care of also.

The good book asks the monumental question:”What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?”

Let’s remain secular and limit our view on this almighty question to bother only on the following: is there a better way to live than excessive materialism? Are there consequences for materialism to the individual that practices it and the rest of humanity? Would the world be better for everyone if this practice is eschewed by all?

We are in the world it seems, not to gain the world at the expense of others by possessing everything by hook or crook. Much as the reward for persistent, positive endeavour could come in being affluent, it calls for a sense of decorum and empathy for the overall human course. Like the saying goes, the quality of a man’s life is not in its duration but its donation.

The reality of this article may be driven home effectively by the fact that only 1% of the global population control a vast majority of the global wealth. The direct and indirect consequences of this are not far removed from the many societal vices prevalent in various places around the world.

Which do we ignore? Is it the innumerable deaths in the Mediterranean Sea? Is it the asylum seekers fleeing violent struggles in different places? Is it the risks illegal migration poses to hitherto stable countries?

Executing “The Fulfilment Manifesto” could offer respite to many of the disillusioned people all over the world as we vigorously pursue success in Personal Development, Relationship and Overcoming Poverty for as many as possible till we impact all humanity everywhere.

Let’s continue to spread the word by sharing and we shall reach out to everyone, one person at a time.

To your Fulfilment!

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