Parenting- The Foundation for Effective Relationship

In a tech-driven, fast paced world of the 21st century, parenting seems to have taken backstage in many circles within the society.

When we talk relationship, this ought to be the cradle for it as it is the foundation for inter-human relations in every sphere of life. Ever seen a person that came to the world without parents? If you know anyone, I would like to engage the person to get a new perspective and how the ‘privilege’ of being parentless feels.

Still the most important job for many all over the world and rightly so, the exigencies of modern living has made modern day parenting to adopt different styles that did not exist a few decades ago.

Today, there is tele-parenting: parenting over the phone; compu-parenting: parenting over the computer; chat-parenting: parenting through various messaging platforms; surrogate parenting: parenting through other people… the varieties are endless and are modified to fit the peculiar situations of the varying individuals. The takeaway from this though, is the significance of parenting however it is named.

In the entire sense of it, parenting is the best yet most difficult job in the world. The beauty and pleasure that result from it are evident in the excellence exuded by kids and teens that enjoyed effective parenting.

The child should see a guide, guard, mentor, teacher, coach…in the parents. This is a major reason single parenting can be quite burdensome. These combined responsibilities are meant by natural design to be shared between the father and the mother. If shared by both parents, it becomes a lot easier as the collaborative efforts of both of them reduce the strain on each of them.

When the subject of parenting is discussed, the central and most important consideration should be the child. In training a child, the unique distinguishing features of this stage of life ought to be kept in view at all times so that the corresponding parental actions outlined below could be rightly given. A child is typically defined by:

Curious: Tolerate

Helpless: Assist

Impatient: Discipline

Learning: Teach

Dreaming: Encourage

During the most important phases of life which comprise of the formative years, the essential lessons are learnt and desired characteristics are formed. The strength of character in adulthood is determined by how well parenting was done at the earlier stages of infancy and adolescence. Adequate parenting requires a good degree of physical presence from both parents.

If this is not possible at the same time, it should be worked out how the kids can get the best input of both parents. If in the worst case scenario, it is difficult to have this time with the kids as is most appropriate, it becomes pertinent to find a way of providing the best atmosphere in which the children can best discover themselves, develop and become the best they were born to be.

Vital skills necessary in the life of a child include:

  1. Reading and writing
  2. Making good choices
  3. Discovering purpose
  4. Pursuing purpose

Every child equipped with the aforementioned skills will excel and give ultimate satisfaction to their parents and every other person related to them. They will also be totally satisfied with themselves.

The foundation for adequate child development lies in the ability to read and write. Any child that can speak has the capacity to read beginning with learning of the alphabet. Once able to read, the child writes easily and can acquire the other qualities with parental guidance to the reading of adequate materials.

A fast track reading programme that can help a child of any age to read fluently is “Children Learning Reading”.  Also, the qualities of child decisiveness, purpose discovery and pursuit can be helped by exposing the child to “The Glad Kid Series”.

The pursuit of “The Fulfilment Manifesto” is on. Get on board and spread the word. See you again soon.

To your Fulfilment!