Parenting- The Foundation for Effective Relationship

In a tech-driven, fast paced world of the 21st century, parenting seems to have taken backstage in many circles within the society.

When we talk relationship, this ought to be the cradle for it as it is the foundation for inter-human relations in every sphere of life. Ever seen a person that came to the world without parents? If you know anyone, I would like to engage the person to get a new perspective and how the ‘privilege’ of being parentless feels.

Still the most important job for many all over the world and rightly so, the exigencies of modern living has made modern day parenting to adopt different styles that did not exist a few decades ago.

Today, there is tele-parenting: parenting over the phone; compu-parenting: parenting over the computer; chat-parenting: parenting through various messaging platforms; surrogate parenting: parenting through other people… the varieties are endless and are modified to fit the peculiar situations of the varying individuals. The takeaway from this though, is the significance of parenting however it is named.

In the entire sense of it, parenting is the best yet most difficult job in the world. The beauty and pleasure that result from it are evident in the excellence exuded by kids and teens that enjoyed effective parenting.

The child should see a guide, guard, mentor, teacher, coach…in the parents. This is a major reason single parenting can be quite burdensome. These combined responsibilities are meant by natural design to be shared between the father and the mother. If shared by both parents, it becomes a lot easier as the collaborative efforts of both of them reduce the strain on each of them.

When the subject of parenting is discussed, the central and most important consideration should be the child. In training a child, the unique distinguishing features of this stage of life ought to be kept in view at all times so that the corresponding parental actions outlined below could be rightly given. A child is typically defined by:

Curious: Tolerate

Helpless: Assist

Impatient: Discipline

Learning: Teach

Dreaming: Encourage

During the most important phases of life which comprise of the formative years, the essential lessons are learnt and desired characteristics are formed. The strength of character in adulthood is determined by how well parenting was done at the earlier stages of infancy and adolescence. Adequate parenting requires a good degree of physical presence from both parents.

If this is not possible at the same time, it should be worked out how the kids can get the best input of both parents. If in the worst case scenario, it is difficult to have this time with the kids as is most appropriate, it becomes pertinent to find a way of providing the best atmosphere in which the children can best discover themselves, develop and become the best they were born to be.

Vital skills necessary in the life of a child include:

  1. Reading and writing
  2. Making good choices
  3. Discovering purpose
  4. Pursuing purpose

Every child equipped with the aforementioned skills will excel and give ultimate satisfaction to their parents and every other person related to them. They will also be totally satisfied with themselves.

The foundation for adequate child development lies in the ability to read and write. Any child that can speak has the capacity to read beginning with learning of the alphabet. Once able to read, the child writes easily and can acquire the other qualities with parental guidance to the reading of adequate materials.

A fast track reading programme that can help a child of any age to read fluently is “Children Learning Reading”.  Also, the qualities of child decisiveness, purpose discovery and pursuit can be helped by exposing the child to “The Glad Kid Series”.

The pursuit of “The Fulfilment Manifesto” is on. Get on board and spread the word. See you again soon.

To your Fulfilment!

What is your excuse?

The global population is over 7.6 billion. With so many people on mother earth, how can a lone voice like mine be heard? How do I make it in life with so much competition? I don’t live or come from a developed nation and am disadvantaged since I can’t access the resources required to succeed in the 21st century. I didn’t and can’t attend an Ivy League school because I am not financially well-off. Moreover, I can’t access local or international scholarships.

There are a thousand and one reasons that people could give for not making it in life. Being a success in life requires an understanding of how to discover and apply your talents, how to make money towards financial accomplishment and security, how to maintain good relationships, how to achieve personal development, how to overcome poverty…

My message through this post is simple: Y-O-U can make it big your own way like anyone else did their way.

Jeff Bezos has witnessed exceptional success in life through the application of his genius but you have all you require to succeed also because you are a genius also in your own right as a unique gift to the world. Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most famous people in the world today through his impactful work with Facebook but you are equally endowed to attain fame if you run with those innate and acquired strengths within you.  Larry Page and Sergey Brin gave us a different experience with the optimization of the search engine technology through Google. You have your unique legacy the world still awaits to make it better. Bill Gate’s name rings a bell for his pioneering work with Microsoft and success with the Bill & Mellinda Gates Foundation, co-owned with his wife, Melinda but you can be inspired by their bequest to humanity and follow suit by identifying and delivering your own unique work that will distinguish you from the crowd.

The foundation for achieving all you were created to be and joining the elite class of the greatest people of all time can be found in The Fulfilment Manifesto.

It is essential to overcome poverty, attain financial success and security and maintain adequate relationships in the quest to attain the success in life you deserve.

If you are reading this right now, it is a confirmation that you can belong to the global elite group of the many greatest people of all times, some of whom were mentioned earlier. It means any and indeed all of the excuses you can imagine, including the seemingly most cogent of them can’t stop you.

Yes, with the agency of the internet you can begin your journey to greatness because it lifts you above many if not all of the obstacles that hitherto hindered many.  So how does the internet help you overcome these excuses? Here is a 3-step plan that could take you there:

  1. A home on the internet: involves having a domain name and a hosting account. This is similar to having a physical house where you live as well as a landlord! I strongly recommend hostinger because of the excellent support, useful tools they offer and the uptime efficacy of the platform. You can review an independent comparison of hostinger and another quality hosting company here .
  2. Read my earlier post here .
  3. Implement the advice of Turn Your Paid Job to a Money Machine available here .

Life is more of a marathon than a sprint. It doesn’t matter where you are now and until you reach the finish line, anything is possible if you try by pursuing the fulfiment manifesto!

To your Fulfilment!

Discover Yourself

I chose to start this post in a rather unusual manner through this poser: Do you think it is possible to rise to the board or directorship of a great company and still feel empty and unfulfilled about life?

We are all born naked into the world with all possibilities open to each and every one of us. Anything or rather everything is possible for each of us as long as we aspire and pursue it in a committed fashion. Consequently, several motivations lead the individual to identify and define his line of pursuit in different aspects of life.

This may result in success in career for instance, if all the t’s are crossed and all the i’s dotted within a particular workplace. A success in career as exemplified by this does not necessarily equate automatically to fulfilled living. How do I mean?

It is possible to ‘live another person’s life’ and end up a ‘success’ in your career. How do we monitor and establish if this is the case for any individual? An honest retrospection on life from the ‘high horse’ of that executive position juxtaposed by a balancing introspection will expose the true state of the person.

If someone’s purpose ought to be in the classroom and he finds his way obstinately into real estate for instance, chances are high for fulfilment to be elusive and destiny unfulfilled also. There is a purpose for each of us as individuals. The nature of our upbringing does not help us however, in most cases to discover this early because of the traditional practice of following the established pattern in the respective communities we come from and grow up in.

Somehow, only a few of us are able to discover themselves early in life either through deliberate effort or just by an act of fate. The results speak for themselves in such people\s lives. They go on to achieve huge success in about everything they do.

This article is a call to deep self introspection with the aim of discovering yourself. My friend, if you discover yourself, you will live a more satisfying life that you would enjoy in a new dimension. The good news is that it is not so arduous to achieve as many feel.

You could start attaining it right away if you are bent on it. The key to discovering yourself starts from finding your identity. So, who really are you? 3 quick tips to discovering yourself include:

  1. Understanding who you are.
  2. Knowing what you do well.
  3. Knowing what you like doing and/or are passionate about.

Is it really some rocket science to do any of these? It doesn’t seem so and certainly is not. A honest assessment is however inevitable for the right answers to the questions associated with the afore-listed tips to be arrived at.

These are life changing questions which are not commonly asked and when even asked, are only done rhetorically. The effect of this therefore, is that many of us end up striving to live other people’s lives and end up being second best in most of all we do. You are original and would excel with less effort if you discover yourself and do only the unique biddings that match your originality.

Just so that we feel a sense of belonging, we go to places our friends and siblings go to that add little or no value to us. Just so that we are not termed weak, we decide to study a course not because it is what we are interested in but so that we can prove our strength. We go out of our way to update our wardrobes with the latest arrivals in the world of passion just so that we are not termed obsolete. Just to keep up with the Jones and Joneses, we go see the soccer game because that is what majority of the people are doing.

Your time for real living has come! Drop that fake you and put on the real you. Desist from going with the crowd and unleash your discovered self on the world for optimum result. Majority is not always right; often, in real life, they are wrong.

If you have struggled for most of your life in many things you have done or do, chances are that you have not discovered yourself and have been threading in unfamiliar terrains that are strange to the way you are configured to excel. Imagine a person that should be a lawyer by calling ending up as a student majoring in Mathematics! Where is the match between the art of piecing words together to sway the judge and win a case and the skill of rationalising what balances an equation, solves an inequality or gives a Pythagoras triple?

You can be better than you are doing now if you discover yourself. The value match, purpose discovery and pursuit will help to usher in a new realm in your life and you will be happy forever that you decided to do so. This will enable you to unleash yourself on the world and leave your landmark signature on the indelible sand of time and only Y-O-U can do that.

I strongly recommend the work of Scott Schwefel and his book DISCOVER YOURSELF will help remove any struggle on your path to self discovery, personal development and fulfilment in life. You can follow the linked titles to read sections on know your Personality Style and Sample Discovery Insights Personal Profile as PDF.

To your Fulfilment!

A Man’s Life doesn’t Consist in the Abundance of the Things He Possesses

The title of this post is particularly long. This is deliberate following my last post, “You Count”.

The material possessions or goods owned by an individual have no bearing on a person’s level of fulfilment in life when considered in isolation. Rather, it is the extent to which the person is able to unleash his passion and purpose that gives the highest value in improving his life and humanity eventually resulting in fulfilment.

Some of the material things people labour to acquire include:

Exotic cars

Private Jets




Chieftaincy Titles…

The irony of life is that the more of these things the person possesses, the emptier the feeling and less the sense of accomplishment because the avarice to grab more seems to increase with every conquest. The only true giver of a sense of fulfilment however, is in the donation to humanity.

The quest for material possession in most cases results in unwholesome practices which result in the loss of value to humanity. A vast majority of the under development in many of the developing regions of the world is as a result of deficiencies arising from uncontrolled materialism by certain political office holders. The consequence of this is the destruction of the human dignity in many of the citizens who eventually resort to avoidable societal vices as a way to break even and gain relevance.

Many of the widespread societal ills can be avoided by a transformation in the psyche that materialism enhances satisfaction. It does not and explains why several with such questionably acquired material possessions end up exhibiting a barrage of features common to people far from a fulfilled living.

It is indeed an anomaly for materialism to take precedence over humanity!

The best countries to live in around the world are understandably those in which humanity is appreciated and have a high premium placed on it. Consequently, the living quality in such places is enhanced for everybody and the environment is better taken care of also.

The good book asks the monumental question:”What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?”

Let’s remain secular and limit our view on this almighty question to bother only on the following: is there a better way to live than excessive materialism? Are there consequences for materialism to the individual that practices it and the rest of humanity? Would the world be better for everyone if this practice is eschewed by all?

We are in the world it seems, not to gain the world at the expense of others by possessing everything by hook or crook. Much as the reward for persistent, positive endeavour could come in being affluent, it calls for a sense of decorum and empathy for the overall human course. Like the saying goes, the quality of a man’s life is not in its duration but its donation.

The reality of this article may be driven home effectively by the fact that only 1% of the global population control a vast majority of the global wealth. The direct and indirect consequences of this are not far removed from the many societal vices prevalent in various places around the world.

Which do we ignore? Is it the innumerable deaths in the Mediterranean Sea? Is it the asylum seekers fleeing violent struggles in different places? Is it the risks illegal migration poses to hitherto stable countries?

Executing “The Fulfilment Manifesto” could offer respite to many of the disillusioned people all over the world as we vigorously pursue success in Personal Development, Relationship and Overcoming Poverty for as many as possible till we impact all humanity everywhere.

Let’s continue to spread the word by sharing and we shall reach out to everyone, one person at a time.

To your Fulfilment!

You Count!

In “The Fulfilment Manifesto”, we spelt the major success factor for fulfilment as Y-O-U. No one is an accident in the world. Every individual is a special package for the benefit of the human race.

Though not everyone may be on a podium mounted by United Nations or other multinational agencies, the influence of each person if applied in a proper manner could be far-reaching in making a certain circle of humanity have a better living experience. This is true for every person on earth irrespective of tongue or tribe, colour or race…

Everyone is meant to have a sphere of influence. Irrespective of your current position in life, you count and can make a difference. If you are able to discover your potential and understand that you are not where you ought to be, then you can begin to work towards your true position in life where you will give your influence to the right sphere and yield optimum result for the benefit of humanity.

How do you discover how you count?

Bodily, you have a different thumb print from every other person on earth. So this is your unique signature on any document that can never be forged by any other person. Every Y-O-U on earth comprises of a Spirit, Soul and Body. Just as you have a unique bodily signature, you possess unique signatures in the Spirit and Soul also that can be stamped on the world for the overall wellbeing of all humanity.

So how do we realise our Spirit-based or Soul-based signatures? Our bodily signature, the thumb print can be easily seen since our Body is physical but the Spirit and Soul are not. The beauty of creation is in the effective co-existence of the Spirit, Soul and Body trident. The person who is able to understand the proper co-functioning of these parts whether seen or unseen, attains a superior performance in the physical realm.

The ‘thumb print’ of your Spirit and Soul is expressed in the form of your Purpose and Passion. Some individuals may receive their Purpose in life from their Spirit through several avenues. For many however, the very strong desire or deep feeling felt in the Soul leads to the definition of their Purpose. Pursuing one’s positive Passion gives a sense of Purpose which drives real change in the world and a greater feeling of accomplishment for the individual.

Some helpful links to help us optimise our existence and make the most of the Y-O-U in each of us is listed at the end of this write-up. Use them as applicable as we progress in the pursuit of ‘The Fulfilment Manifesto’.

Share this post as usual with everyone you can and spread the message of ‘The Fulfilment Manifesto’ towards a better life for individuals in particular and the world in general.

Engage with me on social media handles as we advance the Global Human Fulfilment Mission together.

To your Fulfilment!

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Have you noticed what I have observed with humanity over the years? It seems there is a code in mankind to strive for complete satisfaction in life by exerting more effort in every aspect of life. Any deviance to this gives the impression of a lack of seriousness in attaining the fulfilment every individual desires and deserves.

When we purchase household equipment for our enjoyment, everyone has the freedom to operate it the way we deem best for optimum performance and enjoyment. There is albeit, always a guide that is meant to help us make the most of our equipment. Sometimes, we ignore this manual supplied usually by the manufacturer to the detriment of our enjoyment as the longevity of the equipment may get hampered.

This is akin to humanity and living life to its fullest. We are products of our creator, who in His infinite wisdom has configured us to reach our peak performance and enjoyment in life by living in a certain way. When we achieve this balance in our earthly sojourn, we are enroute the noble life of fulfilment we crave for every human being and which forms the crux of our flagship document, “The Fulfilment Manifesto”.

The pursuit for fulfilment eludes a vast majority because of this faulty approach which contravenes the natural model that we are designed to follow. Tweaking the defective method will certainly turn around our results and retrace our steps to the path of fulfilment.

Cease from struggling to do more and more of everything! Don’t scatter yourself everywhere without leaving a mark. So what is the way forward?

Do Less…! Yes, you read it right. The missing part of the puzzle is to concentrate your effort, ability and yearning on doing less of everything. We cannot become everything to all men and all things. The sure-footed way to maximize our life is to identify our God-given signature, our purpose and pursue it with everything we have within us.

This results in doing less of everything and doing more of only one thing – your purpose! Yes, doing more of our purpose relieves us of the huge burden we place on ourselves through self-imposed or others-imposed activities that fall outside our purpose. What is your purpose?

Together, we can execute “The Fulfilment Manifesto” by sticking together and it is never too late to discover our individual purpose in life. Recognising purpose is not rocket science and it is better recognized late than never.

I trust the message of this post has been passed and look forward to providing help in subsequent posts that will assist us discover and pursue our purpose towards the attainment of fulfilment.

To your Fulfilment!

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The Fulfilment Manifesto    

The ‘EAT Model’


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Everyone Matters

With about 7.6 billion people in the world, it is pretty easy to get lost in the crowd.

The beauty of nature confirms the vital role each of the persons that constitute the global population has to play towards making the world a better place to live in. This is done by helping each other enjoy a higher quality of life that meets every standard for sustainability.

There is no second person that has same thumb print as you. In a similar vein, no other individual on earth has a DNA that matches yours exactly in every way. The uniqueness of each individual endows everyone with a special ability which lies dormant in the person and is recognised by others as a potential.

More often than not, the world stands to applaud those whose potentials have been stirred up and exhibited in one way or the other. In sports, academia, industry … some names ring a bell globally because of their exploits and .impact. Some others are household names at the national level or in their small communities where they have applied their talents for the benefit of all within their sphere of influence. A vast majority however never have the opportunity to discover their hidden ability and so the need for any form of exertion in applying it never arises.

The greatest threats to the application of ‘Potential’ for the benefit of everyone come commonly in the form of PESTLE factors. PESTLE stands for:







All of these can be overcome by adopting the ‘EAT Model’ within the provisions of ‘The Fulfilment Manifesto’ both available in the links shared under this article.

Can we actually imagine and compute the annual worth in any parameter (currency, infrastructure, social harmony…) of the cumulative loss to the world that results from unused human potential across the world?

The ‘Status Quo’ mentality makes the head of a parastatal feel so important that the invaluable contribution of every other person counts only for little or nothing. This is the case often in the corporate world, where it is not uncommon in some organisations to have a few people arrogate to themselves the collective success of everyone. The faulty foundation of this approach is however exposed by the consistently superior performance of establishments in which everyone is recognised for their respective contribution and everyone is acknowledged to matter.

No one lives in a vacuum and the positive or negative activities of everyone directly or indirectly add up to the overall impact on the global community. The ‘Status Quo’ mentality impedes the attainment of a sustainably developed world with higher quality of life for all humans. Everyone matters and the positive contribution of each person’s potential will result in a collective global human output that is of superior quality by every standard.

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To your Fulfilment!


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Self Education: International Open Academy; Your Tomorrow Depends on your Actions Today; Udemy; Teachable; Khan Academy

Parenting:  Amazing Program Teaches Children Of All Ages To Read ;Super Effective Reading Program Parents Love; Start Potty Training


Dating & Marriage: Relationship Magic; Respark The Romance ; Save My Marriage Today

Overcoming Poverty

Money Making: Classified Submissions; Cool Marketing Software; Five Minutes Profit Sites ; Make Money From Youtube With No Filming, No Marketing and No Website ; Make Money Using Social Media Platforms


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The Fulfilment Manifesto

The ‘EAT Model’

EAT Your Way To Fulfilment

Any living thing that does not eat faces eventual demise. Nutrition is essential to the functioning of every living organism to the extent that even when being fed with an unbalanced diet, the consequences become obvious in a short time in the form of health challenges, weakness and inactivity, defective growth and eventually death.

This article draws attention to the analogy between the importance of nourishment to every creature and the significant difference that exists between humanity that EAT and those that do not EAT. Are you still wondering what EAT means? It is an acronym for




EAT for fulfilment is to humanity what eat for sustained healthy existence is to every living thing.

Let’s digress a little. Have you read ‘The Fulfilment Manifesto’, the concise guide to fulfilment? Please get it here FREE.

We get back on track and thanks for acting to access the Manifesto. Varying routes can be taken to attain several objectives in life due to the diversity of the individual, the peculiarity of their desire, the difference in the pre-requisite and the varying procedures required to reach the goal.

In pursuit of the objective of the fulfilment manifesto, it is my intention to present a credible avenue that will redefine our pursuit for anything and indeed everything required for us to be fulfilled in life. Whether it is a Personal Development need, a Relationship desire and the hunger to Overcome Poverty, to EAT will get us there. It supplies us the nourishment, energy, staying power and agility to reach our goal in the surest, quickest, most convenient and most sustainable way possible that could lead to fulfilment. We can acquire relevant Education on any subject, develop the right Attitude and apply relevant Technology towards the attainment of any objective.

Let’s examine briefly some scenarios that show point to how EATing gets us there.

Scenario 1: A desire for a change in career path.

The need to move from being a professional baker to an Engineer or any other profession may arise after some years of fulfilled practice as a Master Baker. Falling back to the EAT model will help the person start the journey by exploring where he can get the relevant Education which in some way will bestow some of the ethical Attitudes required with the any additional requirements being attained also by deliberate Personal learning exposures. Technology plays its part in facilitating the process, making it easier and more scalable. In the past, setting out to execute this career change would mean a lot of sacrifices and pain that will make only the extremely determined person who has reasonable funding able to attempt it. Today however, with the growth in Technology, thanks a great deal to the agency of the internet, there are numerous online learning platforms that can be used to achieve this at a more affordable price and the possibility of accomplishing everything without quitting the earlier occupation fully until the individual is ready for the new role. Several of these are listed at the end of this article.

Scenario 2: The want to learn a new language for various Internationalisation needs.

Applying a similar approach as in scenario 1, we can access ‘Education’ that bestows the desired new language skill and imbibes the proper ‘Attitude’ through the agency of numerous internet-driven ‘Technology’.

Scenario 3: A dating challenge to be overcome towards Marriage.

The experience of recurrent problematic relationship is not the end of the world. ‘EAT’ can make us turn such problems into a stepping stone to a lasting and rewarding relationship. Education and Attitude can be gotten with the aid of Technology. Useful links that can be used immediately are available at the end of this post.

Scenario 4: Marital Challenge from lack of Understanding of Partner.

This is not an out of the world situation. We could EAT our way into a blissful marriage or partnership again. Education that will confer the proper Attitude through the agency of Technology is readily available. Once in place, a clearer, better understanding suddenly comes and sustainable harmony is restored. Useful links are at the end of the article.

Scenario 5: Struggle to find one’s feet financially

The EAT model can make this desire achieved even from a near zero budget. Do we have any expertise, passion, interest…? Education can be gotten on how to monetize any of these. With the proper Attitude, this can then be turned into a money making apparatus when the ability is shared with the world through the agency of Technology. For example, many platforms exist that can help almost any person earn from ecommerce, writing, digital marketing…

So what will be your excuse for not EATing your way to fulfilment?

I would rather meet you on the Fulfilment side of life my dear friend because that is where real living is.

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Welcome to our blog

I am glad you made it here and wholeheartedly welcome you as we embark on this life changing journey together.

As we share insightful information towards executing our mandate to champion the cause of fulfilled living for humanity, I trust you will find every time spent on our site rewarding. Inspiring posts on Personal Development, Relationships and Overcoming Poverty will form the core of our posts.

Stick with us and together we shall make the world a better place for everyone. We can all fulfil purpose as well as destiny and help others to do so too.

Fulfilled living is possible for everyone. It is actually up to Y-O-U and we lend a helping hand through our blogs.

Let’s meet again on the side of Fulfilment!